In collaboration with organizing committee of the WPOC, we are pleased and honored to invite you to participate in the 1st World Petanque Offline Cup – Combating Against COVID19 throughout the world, during the period of August 03-09, 2020.

As it is not predictable that when the COVID19 pandemic will end, organizing the named event will be a milestone for FIPJP and IHGA to show their capacity for involving people in sport and competitions AT HOME and not allow to give up anymore.

The WPOC in cooperation with the International Humanitarian Games Association (IHGA) where the FIPJP has been become member in, will offer good opportunities to juniors & seniors to participate in different kinds of Petanque competitions as Standard Shooting (FIPJP rules with some modifications) and Parthian Shooting (adrenaline producer style).

Registration will be open for all FIPJP national affiliated members from 10th to 20th of July 2020 by sending the filled forms to and copy to the FIPJP official email address.


Hope to have you all in World Petanque Offline Cup with the motto of BOULES SPORTS FANS – WASH YOUR HANDS.


Dr. Jasem Manouchehri, Chairman of the WPOC Organizing Committee and Founder & President of the Boules and Petanque Association of Iran