Dear Sirs,

Based on a Memorandum of Understanding between the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) on 2003 as well as the official verdict of Iranian Red Crescent Society’s Hamedan Branch No. 61/40/21/93, the International Humanitarian Games Association founded on June 13, 2014, attended by representatives of the Iranian Red Crescent Society, and leaders of the National Sports Associations and officials of the International Sports Federations and University Professors with the aimed at launching dedicated multi-sport games for volunteers and youth from the red crescent and red cross Societies with humanitarian goals and objectives and impacts on promoting peace.

The International Humanitarian Games (IHGA) signed a cooperation agreement on May 23, 2020, with the General Association of Asia-Pacific Sports Federations (GAAPSF) previously called SportAccord Asia, both parties became international partners and will work together for the development of internatsport sport activities as well as Humanitarian Games in the World.

General Association of Asia Pacific Sports Federations (GAAPSF), previously called SportAccord Asia-Pacific Headquarters (SAAPH), is a non-profit international sports organization. It was incorporated on 20 November 2014 in Macau as an organization with a legal personality and changed its name on 18 February 2018.

GAAPSF was initiated by Mr. Yu Zaiqing, Vice President of IOC, Mr. Ma Wenguang, and Dr. Che Kuong Hon. With the approval from SportAccord to use the name of SportAccord Asia-Pacific Headquarters, later changed to GAAPSF and began to operate as an umbrella organization of many international, continental and national sports federations and organizations.

GAAPSF has now over 350 international, continental and national members federations, and had signed co-operation agreements with quite a number of international organizations, which became partners of the GAAPSF. In addition, GAAPSF also gained permission and registered with the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China to launch events and activities in China and set up its representative offices in Beijing, Shangdong, and Guangdong, and offices in Hungary, Italy, Kuwait, Thailand, Chongqing, Hong Kong, and Macau, with activities covering China ands Asia-Pacific regions, including sports games, competitions, training, forums, etc.




The International Humanitarian Games (IHGA) fully recognized the following international Federation:

  1. World Dodgeball Association (WDA) as part of Global Association of International Sports Federations GAISF
  2. Federation International de Petanque et jeu provencal (FIPJP) as an IOC Recognized IF inside its umbrella body WPBF. 
  3. World O-Sport Federation (WOF) recognized organization by GAAPSF.
  4. The World MMA Confederation (WMMAC) recognized IF by GAAPSF.

In addition, The International Humanitarian Games (IHGA) considers the following Sports and the International Federation:

  1. International Baduk
  2. International Fistball 
  3. Kyukushin International
  4. International Sumo
  5. International Casting Sports
  6. International Pelota

By the way, The International Humanitarian Games (IHGA) Secretariat would like to invite you to IHGA General Assembly in Muscat the capital of Oman on August 27-29, 2022. It may be noted that International Humanitarian Games Association (IHGA) will provide free accommodation to the delegates attending the meeting.

Sincerely yours

Sheikh Dr. Adil Shanfari                                                                                                                      

WOF & WMMAC President                                                                                                                 

IHGA Acting President